Our Cuisine

From our land and sea straight to the table. A place where colours and flavours mix with the wind in yellow green fields with clear waters and azure skies. Where the North and South unite and Patagonia lets the rain fall while the sun caresses each unique ingredient that our guests will be able to enjoy. Ingredients that our chef combines with care and dedication in each flavourful and exotic dish.

Every day we have a new gourmet menu, which considers our guests preferences and uses vegetables of the season and fresh fish, shellfish and meats. You can always choose between two flavourful alternatives. Even with various dietary restrictions, every one of our guests can enjoy our high quality food and the wonders of the south of Chile.

Pastries, homemade bread and jams, free-range eggs, and fresh fruit juice are some of the staples or our Quincho style breakfast, composed mostly of local produce.

Our vendors are one of a kind, some examples are Doña Juanita, who grows different varieties of organic lettuce, and our friends from hacienda Bellavista, who provide us with a variety of exclusive produce from their garden. And just a few kilometres away is the island of Chiloe, which is known for its wide range of potatoes and aromatic garlics. Often in our day trips we include a visit to local markets to shop for native produce. As for proteins, Chilean meat is of the highest quality, and fish and shellfish are the speciality of the area. All of the unique ingredients guarantee a fantastic meal, yet it is our teams work and dedication that make it special.

With time and patience, from the barrel to the bottle where it patiently awaits for the moment of uncorking, Chilean wine is the only served at Quincho Casa Hotel. Our all-inclusive packages include a variety of wines, among them some special varieties from small and unique boutique vineyards where the flavours of our land flow to the palate. Our guests can choose from a wide range in our wine list.

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